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Western Medicine
Wednesday, 04.06.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
The Builders
& The Butchers (USA)
Portland, Oregon is where they met when all of them came wandering down from Alaska, all of them, on their own. Initially, they called themselves The Funeral but that was resurrected to the current The Builders and The Butchers, which in unison they say they like much better, positively.

No wonder, and we like it much better, too.  We especially also like their latest album «Western Medicine» (2013). It’s a work that presents the band as brilliant protagonists of the style of Americana gothic folk rock, if you will. Hear some gospel, some Tom Waits, even a little White Stripes in the tunes coming off this sensational  disc. And you’ll hear that for the most part their songs pack a bigger wallop than your average Decembrist’s song, their fellow Portlandians.

Ryan Sollee on vocals and guitar is the groups founder and he’s joined by Brandon Hafer (drums, vocals, melodica), Willy Kunkle (bass, vocals), Ray Rude (organ, drums, vocals) and Harvey Tumbleson (banjo, mandolin, vocals). They used to be notorious for their performance style, like singing in a circle without mic, asking the crowd for back-up vocals or sauntering off the stage into the street in the middle of the song. We don’t know what’s up their sleeve these days but even without those shenanigans they’re easily the best new up & coming band from that Pacific Western city.

So kids, it’s time to open wide and take your Western Medicine. It’ll go down real easy, cure your ailments and you’re guaranteed to feel so much better for it.

el Lokal