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A grand amount of love.
Tuesday, 20.05.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
Micah P. Hinson (USA)
This guy has to rate pretty high on the scale of the wow factor: A car accident not too long ago has been preventing him from using his arms for some time. But that did not stop him from continuing his calling and he kept up recording songs with the help of his musician friends.

After the ominous 2010 «Micah P. Hinson & the Pioneer Saboteurs»,  he’s now introducing us to his latest epic, «Micah P. Hinson & the Nothing.» «A grand amount of time and a grand amount of love was put into every song». You bet. And you’ll realize that this line takes on a whole new meaning when you’ll hear this special and a bit rednecky guy from Abilene, Texas stampede on to our stage.

He’s a true Americana Country singer and guitarist who grew up down South and who has a drop or two of Native American blood in him. And who has plenty of hard luck stories to tell. Like when, perhaps to get out of the confines of that strangling small town, he dabbled in drugs, got himself addicted and became homeless for a time. Eventually he resolved things by himself, got straight, «got myself away from some shady women» as he put it, cleaned himself up and even got a college education.

On the musical side of his life, his father, (a Neil Diamond and John Denver fan) gave him his first guitar when he was eleven and not much time after that, Micah began to listen to Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and Nirvana deep in the heart of Texas. His own first album was the sensational «Micah P. Hinson and The Gospel of Progress (2004)» and the critics ate it up. Throughout his career, a real supportive friend and collaborator as well as an early member of The Earlies was John Mark Lapham, who was also a band member in Hinson’s The Late Cord.

Please welcome Micah P. Hinson & The Nothing to the lone star island in the river. We’re happy to say, this grand musical talent and triumphant hard-luck survivor is allright. Walking stick and all, the kid’s back in his unique fashion and as eccentric as ever. And darn able to strum his guitar again
el Lokal