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Saturday, 29.03.2014, 21:21
oh what a night...
+ Hugo Race (SWE / AUS)
You'll agree, it's booty time. Or Duracell Chicks time. Or blondeonblondeonblonde without-a-dash-of-peroxide time. Ok, maybe just a little.

Baskery are a trio of beautiful sirens from the northern part of our hemisphere, Stockholm to be precise. They're natural sisters and real lookers, Greta, Stella and Sunniva Bondesson and they're an alternative americana folk band and a highly energized one at that. (Actually, someone once called them the Queens of Banjopunk).

They captured that unique sisterly spirit and expressed it in natural siblings sinergy on their first album «Fall Among Thieves» which was recorded without any overdubs and in no more than one or two takes per song. So it should be easier to imagine what that speedy triple threat is going to be like live, let's just add that Greta sings, plays the six-string slide banjo and serves the snare drum while her lovely foot is maniacally hitting the bass drum. Sunniva's clear vocals and her acoustic guitar are setting up Stella who holds the family all tight together with the upright contra bass. Again, words don't suffice to describe the speed the sisters are up to but you can hear it on their latest, the gloriously rocking «Little Wild Life». It was recorded in October '13 and at their customary pace in just 10 days in an old dance studio in Berlin by Matt Wignall (Mando Diao, Cold War Kids, J. Roddy).

Listen to that album but much better, come and see them live. And accept the fact that the girls of Baskery are real badass. And accept the fact, y'all, they just grow that way up north.  

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