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sweet like maple syrup
Monday, 17.03.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
Les Hay Babies (CAN)
In November 2011, Les Hay Babies were born when they were just in their early twenties. Freshfaced country girls Julie Aube, Catherine Noel and Vivienne Roy first met when they were battling each other at a festival du chanson around New Brunswick, Canada. And yes, their songs alternate in french and english. They're breezing onto our stage for their second time already and with their kind of music that's way out of the diapers.

«We usually play music with an Indie twist...but not exclusively. To simply be inspired by the music within.» If only that were as simple as these talented babies make it sound. But you can clearly hear the result of that internal search and release on «Folio», a bilingual disc and their first EP, which features six of their creations, including some cheeky stuff too that defies the babie's ages. One of them is «Tumbleweed» and like that rolling bale, they swept in and took over the huge Lorient Interceltic Festival, creating a sensation and getting them invitations to tour with grownups like Motorleague, Lisa LeBlanc, The Novaks, The Backyard Devils a.o. A guitar, a banjo, a ukulele and sweet baby harmonies did the trick, melting even the stoniest heart only a promoter could have.

En guarde, baby lovers. Abandon your cozy crib for once for this special night of wonderful indie-folk and enjoy the goosebumps when Les Hay Babies open up on stage. Their stories are sweet like maple syrup and warm the belly like un verre de cidre de pomme chaud.

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