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Saturday, 08.03.2014, 21:21
oh what a night...
Miraculous Mule (UK)
Go miraculous mule, go. They're the hardest working animal in the hot genre of breakneck power blues. Actually, their leader and singer Michael J. Sheehy is a known entity here, he's already grazing in the corral of our Island Hall of Fame.

Michael's knowledge of and passion for traditional country, gospel and blues recordings led to the formation of the London based Miraculous Mule, a hybrid monster blues band which features his brother Patrick «Patsy Crime» McCarthy (voc, b), Alex Louise Petty (voc, perc; she's also supported Gemma Ray on back-up voice) and Ian Burns (dr) complete this hardworking posse. Infusions of one part Jesus, one part Elvis, one part soul and one part psychedelic blues and what you get is at least one hell of a cocktail. Their songs reflect on episodes like time in the slammer or are about gracious God, holy Satan, demented skid rows, pivots on the road, sweet sufferings, angel's voices and what not.

Their official debut album but was «Deep Fried» (2013) with a great cover of Blind Willie Johnson's «Lord, I just can't keep from crying».

But there was also the frugal «Miraculous Mule» (2011). The sleeve of this disc shows a train that looks like it's thundering straight towards hell and the album's highlights are a georgous rendition of the classic «Wayfaring Stranger» plus a gutsy «Run on», better known as Johnny Cash's «God's Gonna Cut You Down». Grossly underrated, Michael's singing is a world apart from Bono's - that is, it's entirely in his own. It powers his band's music with explosive interpretations of rock'n'roll, bluegrass, psychedelic blues and soul. We don't hold back and unequivocally say, he's better than the pundit! No matter, it's your hellish luck come plowing time, because you'll have a chance to be the judge of that.

If mules can't reproduce why is it that in some parts of the world there are a great many of them around?! (Heh, heh...ok...pass the olives, will'ya?)

el Lokal