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fiery musical Gumbo
Sunday, 26.01.2014, 19:19
oh what a night...
Mama Rosin (CH)
When it comes to Cajun cooking, we like the wonderfully pungent, culinary potpourris of both Gumbo and Jambalaya. When it comes to a fresh new take on Cajun music, we only like Mama Rosin.
Backdrop: Some of the immigrants with their traditional culture they brought with them from France didn't like the cold of Northeastern Canada et allons-y, they took off for the sun of the Southern states of the U.S., together with their indispensable accordions. Even tastier than their scandalous boudin noirs was their taste in music which freely combined traditional French country with Afroamerican and Caribbean rhythms. «Swamp music» it was called by some mechants but it keeps on thriving as one of the liveliest hybrid and ethnic musical forms ever created.

Mama Rosin is our three friends from Geneva and their reinvigorating take on Cajun standards is fresh and hot and spicy, because they've added more than a spoonful of garage rock to their fiery musical Gumbo. Electrifying to hear how guitars, banjo and accordion plus raspy, nasal singing heats things up on the stove, uh, stage. «Bye Bye Bayou - The New York Sessions» is their newest and they teamed up with Jon «Blues Explosion» Spencer on it. It features 14 cuts of which three have previously not been released. The distinction here comes from the potpourri of swamp music with more than a pinch of New York's rockin' acera dura.

«Mama Rosin are a rare band that combines familiar influences in subtle and striking ways to achieve a wholly unique and very personal form of music.» D'accord. It's gonna be a hot, exotic and swampy January night on our frozen-stiff island. Hey, it might be icy, but it's mosquito-free...


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