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Come January, comes Maria.
Sunday, 12.01.2014, 19:19
oh what a night...
Maria Doyle Kennedy
& Kieran Kennedy (IRL)
Yes, brothers and sisters, it's a whole new concert season and to keep ringing it in in customary style, the first act once again belongs to Maria and her congenial husband Kieran, who not only gives her first billing but supports her lyrical voice with his piano, banjo and acoustic guitar. They're the tightest knit musical pair there ever was.
To wax nostalgic about their many previous visits here is water under the Mississihl bridge, rather, let's go to what's new. Maria, her timeless beauty and her natural acting skills can currently be seen in the Canadian tv science fiction series Orphan Black in which she's performing in the role of the foster mother «Mrs. S», who’s a guardian to Kira, the daughter of the main character Sarah, who’s often away on business. Because she’s being cloned. Seriously, this captivating saga also touches on the ethical aspects of cloning and has garnered wide critical acclaim.

On the musical front, award-winning and multitalented Maria (composer, singer, songwriter, musician, theatre artist, actor and teacher) has produced great work for over two decades and in her latest coup, she's teamed up with American country music legend John Prine and Damien Rice and Paul Brady for «Sing», which was released in 2012 and has reached no.4 in Irish charts.

You’ve heard about the luck of the Irish. Well, tonite’s unquestionably at least one lucky night for the Swiss (and agglomerate). It’ll be a night of pure Irish beauty, sweet Appalachian folk, rollicking hillbilly boogie, rockin’ bluegrass and gracious, sweeping Western swing. It's also a night to get down - on our knees that is, gents - and to confess wholeheartedly once more: «Maria, we love you.»
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