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untamed, wild and magical music territory
Saturday, 01.03.2014, 20:20
oh what a night...
Damien Jurado (USA)

If you sat mesmerized in your seat until the last of the credits rolled up for Paolo Sorrentino's fantastic film «The Great Beauty» (La Grande Bellezza), you would have noticed Damian Jurado's «Everything Trying» on the soundtrack. Or maybe you went: «Mmhhh, wait a minute, I know this voice...» when the song was on.

First came the phenomenal «Marapoqua» (2012) and now we've got the hot-of-the-press sequel «Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son» (2014), both produced by Damien Jurado and his terrific producer Richard Swift, who's made fine records of his own. It's the latest collaboration by this lone wolf team and it will chase you into untamed, wild and magical music territory.

Expect no less from Damien whom the Seattle Times called «The Godfather of the Folk-Boom» and for whom the Secretly Canadian offered poetic accolades like «He is the gun, the purple anteater, the paper wings, the avalanche, the air show disaster, Ohio, the ghost of his best friend’s wife. It is a universe unto its own, with its own symbolism, creation myth, and liturgy.»

His art communicates ideas about alienation, the pursuit of self, painfully intimate messages and even wishful disappearance. The vocal arrangements are presented in a style that alternatively searches and sparkles. All wrapped in a sound of sometimes pinkfloydish excursions through imaginary wild canyons and alternating with light and lovely songs, hard-charging rock and moments of straightforward grace in songs like «Silver Katherine» and «Silver Joy». Heck, in «Suns In Our Mind» he treads real light and even humorous, completing the song with what are unmistakable snoring noises. It's just another wrinkle (or twinkle, if you will) from an artist who keeps fulfilling the basic premise of what an artist is all about: He forever changes and he never ceases to surprise.

Eso es seguro, brothers and sisters of the eternal son: There will be no snoring tonight by those who'll be gathered here together in the concrete cathedral of the eternal sound.

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