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Heitere Fahne!
Sunday, 22.09.2013, 19:19
oh what a night...
Landstreichmusik (CH)
There is this persistent rumour that the Swiss don't know how to take things lightly. And if you were ever forced to take the tram or are the recipient of Swiss TV programming, you might wholeheartedly agree.
But hold your horses, don't fall into that trap of preconceived notion so easily because there is always that famous exception to any cemented rule and tonight's event will surely proof that point.
But first, let's get over the hump of explaining what Giigestubete is: Real easy, Giige is fiddle and Stubete, well, it's a reference to the Laendler,
a Swiss type of Folk Dance music, perhaps played originally at home in the living room and which remains extremely danceable to this day, especially after a couple of shots of Schnapps de Kirsch. (Alas, it's not about shtuppen, but then again, you never...)
Anyway, tonight's music by the venerable Mississihl is MC'd by none other than the world-renowned duo Eva Wy and Dide Marfurt and their folksy fiddles. They're the Paganini(s) of the Laendlermusikgiigefiddle (see, you learned your lesson well). They'll invite and entice you and everyone else to dance - boy will ask girl and girl will have to ask boy. And dance you will like the witch that loaned you her dancing shoes and as if beelzebub is riding on your back.
To learn more about what's fiddlefaddling into town upfront, go to Read all about this great improvisational music and the musicians that bleed their hearts out playing it. It's music rooted in Switzerland but it's also sounding the influences of Mazourka and Polka and it's an actually quite complex musical form that has further evolved with the inclusion of elements of Folk, Country, Rock and more.

Which is why we invite you and your instrument to freely participate: That's right, whatever you can add to the party will be appreciated and more than welcome. Again folks, together with your dancing shoes, you're invited to bring any of your tools - fiddles, giige, zither, bass, violin, guitar, bouzuki, accordion, horn and underarm farting.

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