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Sunday, 15.12.2019, 18:18
Admission: 5.–
Giigestubete & Jodlerei
«Tradition is the illusion of permanence», said our buddy Woody Allen. In the case of tonight’s band Giigestubete and their music, it’s one illusion we can wholeheartedly support. We also invite and reward anybody with a round of applause who has the moxy to bring their own instrument, any instrument, and who joins this fiddling, whooping, stomping, delirious, buttslapping frenzy.

Welcome to the by now very famous and very emotional and longest ongoing jam session of traditional folk music Zwinglitown has ever known. The natives call it collectively Laendler, it originated in alpine and rural parts of Switzerland and its history and musical intricacies are at the core of one the best interpreters of this centuries’ old art, and that’s tonight’s band Giigestubete. (If you’re new to this and don’t want to get any sideway glances or worse, the «G» is not pronounced «Gee» but «Gh», «ii» is «e» and the «s» is «sh» and now you’re on your way to the dance floor.) 

Gigestubete are the virtuoso fiddler and very beautiful Eva Wey and joining her is the incomparable multi- instrumentalist Dide Marfurt. Their mission and reason for being has been the «Revitalisation and Cultivation of Swiss Fiddle Music» and our worldmusic stage continues to be the performance space for it well into 2015. While expanding their scope by integrating influences of folk and rock, improvisation will be the key tonight as always and it’ll be once again their guidance that will get the jamming up and running.

And if you just want to shake a guaranteed to be itchy leg, fear not. Below are instructions by the Swiss Wrestler & Dance Club, on how to dideldudeldance the dance, called the Brienzer Hüftschwung:

 «In the original Brienzer Hüftschwung, the lead dancer (and that could be a she also) puts his/her hand on the belt and then progresses on to the butt of the partner, then pivots to the right and reaches with his/her left arm over the shoulder or the neck of the partner and on to the butt as well. Simultaneously, he/she will hook their left leg around their partners’ right leg, spread and lift the leg upward and throw her/him with a forceful ruck head over heels onto their back. This same movement is also possible in reverse.»

Fear not.  

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