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rattle my cage
Monday, 30.09.2013, 20:20
oh what a night...
Patricia Vonne (USA)
Bitch Goddess? Or Country Girl?
Latina? Or American?
Enigma? Or Open Book?
Guitar? Or Pen?
Voice? Or Body?
Country Rock'nRoller? Or Actor?
It's all Patricia Vonne, all of it. As an actor, she could be savoured on celluloid in several Tamale  Westerns directed by her brother, Robert Rodriguez (hey, what are brothers for?). In fact, in one of her appearances, she played the non-speaking part of an attractive but dead-as-a-door-nail hooker.
But guys and dolls, it's her music we're all more interested in and we predict you're not going to forget the beginning of this fall on the Mississihl.
Sleek of face and body, raven-tressed and with green eyes like the sometime colour of the river in San Antonio TX where she's from, this femme fatale from the Lone Star State has a stage presence that's simply devastating. It's the kind of look and the moves to go with that's been luring sailors to their doom and that has retired cowboys to the looney bin. And what a voice! With that set of pipes, she's the undisputed and commanding Queen of Tex-Mex Latin Roots Rockabilly and has been compared to Chrissy Hynde, a comparison that for once hits the piñata square, we think. Her latest album is «Rattle My Cage» (much obliged, M'am) and it's her very best album to date says our amigo Alejandro Escovedo. Maybe he says so because he's on it too but so are songs by Doyle Bramhall, Rosie Flores, Johnny Reno and others. It's an album to honour the musicians that inspired her, says Patricia.
Quite an eye-opener also was her smoking appearance at this year's Montreux Jazz Festival and you know that's big time stuff. Equally smoking but more up-close and personal, you lucky bastards, will be her appearance here where she'll be rattling your cage for sure. That goes for you too Buster Keaton there at the bar and equally for you dolls showcasing what looks like, mmmh, push-up bras. Please push up the corners of your mouth for a change. It's the new tits.
el Lokal