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You Make Your Own Truths
Monday, 06.05.2013, 20:20
oh what a night...
Christine Owman
+ Ryan Francesconi
& Mirabai Peart (SWE/USA)
Here she comes. Christine Owman, the little beast. She plays the Cello and the Ukulele, uses the foot-pedal for singing effects and, yes, bangs her head while projecting strange films.
«Robert Plant said he liked what he heard when I opened for him in Stockholm. As a Zeppelin fan that was a big moment for me.»
The swedish Christine Owman squeezed and even broke many a heart all over the world. To feel why just look at her, then check out her duet with Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, Gutter Twins) on her website and you'll get seriously squeezed yourself. Her third album's «Little  Beast» (2013) and it features an additional duet with Lanegan.
The Cello points to classical training but, of course, she immersed early on into Rock, Psychedelic and  Experimental. Her work is all a grand and symbiotic creation of dreamy Folk, Raw Distortion, Reverb and Bass-noise, amplified by scandalous lyrics and is entirely self-produced.
About the use of visual projections as part of her shows she says «... they're another perspective of my music. And the contrasts they make express another side of me.» A side anybody could like.
Russia, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Canada and the U.S. all fell to her feet so what's to stop our little island in the stream to follow suit? But it's you who's holding the key to the answer to the question whether it's going to be a seduction by the little Beastly Beauty or the little Beautiful Beast that will be your unequivocal downfall for this night.

Ryan Francesconi from Portland, Oregon is a composer and multi-instrumentalist and with his partner, Mirabai Peart, presents exquisite duets for acoustic guitar and violin. About his music that spans Baroque, Americana and Jazz and also highlights folk from the Balkans, mainly from Greece, he comments: «It's not entirely conscious. It's my hands. It's not me.»
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