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Nenn uns nie eine Boygroup!
Monday, 13.05.2013, 20:20
oh what a night...
The Deadly Gentlemen (USA)
«Hi there! We're The Deadly Gentlemen. We began some years ago as an Experimental-Spoken Word-Bluegrass Band. But since then we've changed the gameplan and we're now mainly playing Epic Folk and Grasscore.
Our current album's titled «Carry Me To Home». There are
five of us: Greg Liszt on Banjo & Vocals; Stash Wyslouch on Guitar & Vocals; Mike Barnett on Fiddle & Vocals; Dominick Leslie on Mandoline & Vocals and Sam Grisman on Contrabass & Vocals. Nope, we don't feature a lead vocalist, instead, our music's orchestrated with unconventional choral songs which allows all band members to mightly sing their hearts out.
So, in the hood of a Stetson hat, that is what you're gonna get: Multi-vocal singing, group shouting, tight rhyming and rap-like phrasing. Most of the songs on «Carry Me To Home» are new interpretations of traditional folk songs which you might not recognise any more - unless you're a total folk freak. Like, a murder ballade becomes accoustic Death Metal, a song about the light of the moon is a Rockabilly Blues, and so on, you're gettin' our drift.
Oh, and the bass lines will get right into your face, yessir. Because Rock'n'Roll's the red thread running through all our songs despite accoustic Bluegrass instrumentalisation. One more thing and it's asking a favor: Please don't call us a Boy Band. About that, we're deadly serious…»
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