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Ein Hauch Züri-Nirvana
Sunday, 05.05.2013, 20:20
oh what a night...
Friends of Fai Baba (CH)
"The whole top of the heap of the ZH indie scene was there to get a taste of his performance."
You could read that yourself on the website of A Tree In A Field Records. No additional comment is necessary and besides it's way more important that Fai Baba (and friends) has decided to celebrate his 28th birthday by and with us.
His music will be the true culmination of what he's been up to since way then up until now (with more to follow, we're sure). Like his trip through India at the ripe age of 22 as a Sadhu of the guitar and with a subsequent performance on a ZH stage celebrating his rebirth. Or his stay in New York, perhaps resulting in further enlightenment and after which his musical style was classified as jazz by the expert and unerring Zueritipp. Overlooking maybe the clear rocking elements in his art, tunes that were born all over and are straight from this wonderful world.
This young artists' creative and karma cups are now filled to the rim and let's hope they runneth over on the 5th. Spilling and splashing on us and for us to take home and spread all around, like "Peacocks Feathers", the title of one of his songs.
Brahma is visiting Nirvana on the Sihl. But don't expect candles. Expect fireworks. But what the fuck is he feeding his dog on the right?
el Lokal