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creadores originales
Saturday, 21.09.2013, 21:21
oh what a night...
Mariachi Dos Mundos (MEX/DE)
They're Mariachis dos Mundos in the truest sense of the word; half of the magnificent 8 are from Berlin, the other from their stylistic motherland Mejiiiico.
To say that they're the original lifters of the whole worlds' spirit would be like peeing in the Rio Grande - just a big waste of energy. Because, companeros, let us be totally honest with you, they're much more than that - they're the creadores originales of THE MARIACHI SHAKE!
And how did all of this come about? Bueno, they've been at their music, in various formations, since anno 1996 and they've been lighting hot fires under the cojones and chochis of their aficionados all across muy frio Europe ever since. Now, and again to be totally honest with you, the Bolero, that song of heartache, Weltschmerz and the Mescal hangover was 'borrowed' from the Cubans, no slouches when it comes to squeezing a tear or two, or more, out of you. But nobody, nobody can do the sobbing of the violin, the wailing of the guitar, the crooning of the trumpet and the heartstomping voice like a true Mariachi can, especially if he's homesick and living in Berlin.
Now they're back by us, the original lifters of the spirit and originators of THE MARIACHI SHAKE. They're a little late for the 5 de Mayo but
the whole world knows the Mexican pistoleros could have kicked the ass of the French on the 12 de Mayo just as well, muy bien y gracias.
More importantly, they're bringing their brand of raising the spirit and Latino mayhem to a spot that's had plenty of high temperatures of late but now has to get ready for even more of it - but this time musical heat, to be totally honest with you.

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