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Buried Treasures
Saturday, 20.04.2013, 21:21
oh what a night...
Rich Hopkins
& Luminarios (USA)
The Godfather of Desert Rock is zoning in and rocking Zwinglitown. Again, and zaftig again. Since 1992, his Luminarios have come in editions of 3, 4 and 5 but always so as a loose bunch of likeminded musicians and friends.

In contrast to other projects with Sidewinders, Sand Rubies, Underbelly, Woodcocks etc., this group's always been totally Rich's thing thru seasons fertile or dry. Why, gosh, "Buried Treasures" already  counts as their 14th album, not included the afore mentioned projects and the 08 lovey-dovey honeymoon epic "Loveland", done with his partner, Lisa Novak.

Astounding how Rich with this album and in customary attacking mode, keeps re-inventing himself and his music. And high-voltage music it is, propelled by scorching overdrive guitars and storytelling that scratches under the surface of everyday life in the Southwest, unflinchingly probing its often harsh and unsettling reality. He uses his art to play and sing life into local characters and outsiders alike, like in the song "Friend Of The Shooter" - now that story can go anywhere, caint it? - or "Betcha Gotcha Now". It's probably Rich Hopkins most straightforward, pure rocking and electric album with this group since "Lichtjahren", we feel. It's garagy, psychedelic and it allowed him to reverb his love and virtuosity for the feedback guitar and full throttle at that, like in times past. 

Tonight's the night to leave your burrows, desert rats. Not only will you see the sanddunes come to life in the light of the silvery moon - you'll see them bloom. Betcha gotcha now.

el Lokal