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Truth and Silence
Monday, 15.04.2013, 20:20
oh what a night...
Laetitia Sadier (F)
The lady packs a punch: First as lead singer with Stereolab, the greatest Kraut lounge-act ever and then with distinguished company like Luna, Mouse on Mars, The High Llamas and Monade. For content of her art, Laetitia's best known for "her sensual but left-radical social critique, paired with stylish Lounge Pop" (Rolling Stone).

And more: "On her second solo disc, she goes up against rating agencies, the tyranny of money and of course, the ruling class. All presented in the style that made Stereolab what they were: Dry Godard-Chanson-Pop, interspersed with funky guitar grooves and synthsound layers, metallic Brasil rhythms and spacey vintage synthesizer." Please sample some of her lyrics from "Silencio": "The ruling class/again neglects responsibility/ over-indulged children/drawn to cruel games/pointless pleasures/impulsive reflexes/a group of assassins." The last song on the disc "Invitation au silence" was recorded in a church in the Southwest "...some silence...(and)...listen how resonant with truth silence is." 

You know John Cage, Miles and Simon & Garfunkel said that way back when, so you know she's on to something. But Laetitia's presence, music, words and beautiful voice - hot and cool and calm, intensive and soothing and pausing - transfixes a whole new dimension of that wisdom. We'll adhere to this principle and leave you promptly but not without another basic truth: Through her magic and that iron fist in the velvet glove, her art and personality will resonate with you. Laetitia Sadier will let you go home happier.

el Lokal