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two lovebirds that will get the creaky out of your chilled bones
Monday, 18.02.2013, 20:20
oh what a night...
Dan & Rachel (USA)
If you pronounce it in Brooklynese, «Bed Stuy» kinda rhymes with «hoy» - no, not «hoy» like in «today», bananeros - no, «hoy» like in the way the burghers of Zurich greet each other. From Bed Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York, USA to Zurich, CH is just a quick few flaps of the wings for Dan Costello, prolific singer/songwriter, musician and conscientious raconteur of twisted truth and twisted love as only he sees it.
This pesky troubadour, a promising Halloween baby no less, has been by us before and some lucky souls might remember him and his «Creaky Boards» from not too long ago. This time he's with his one and only Rachel who's lending support and more than a musical splash to their colorful palette. («She real purdy» croaks Hank, the handsome horny Heron).
It's a romantic and artistic union that promises an evening of rock'n'rollicking fun, developed and solidified on many creaky boards and plenty of sack time, we presume. It's the music of our two lovebirds that will get the creaky out of your chilled bones, from soft-folk tunes to heavy dancebeats, from sharp and witty soundbites to old school love songs. The lyrics are about bananas, love, social injustice and Zombies and generally still offer a light-hearted view of the world. And there's brand new stuff on their latest «Plus One»(2012), ready to be downloaded or if you prefer, to be had on cassette. It holds 10 songs, from «Amplify» to «When The Rain Comes Down» and on the last day of the world as we knew it, December 20th, they posted «The Works of Edgar Allen Poe, hosted by Corn Mo, Dan and Rachel» on the web. They're also active in the nascent Brooklyn anti-folk scene which they christened «The Brooklyn Tea Party», like in musically radical. It created an explosion of performances around this vibrant hipster community and Dan and Rachel's shows are taking place right at home: «We live in an old building and put up a stage in our own living room.»  Although no place is like home is how they see it, they also have ventured further and upstate where they curated the 30-year anniversary of the Annual Old Songs Festival in Altamont, NY.
With 5 albums and a generous beard on their palmares, Dan plus Rachel is back for another visit on our creaky boards. It'll be a night of infectious rhythms, electro de-lux folk songs, hilarious witticisms and R-rated comments. And declarations of burning love and a little paranoid love like «Rachel, Angel / back to my question / will you always / let me be myself?»  Of course she will, but isn't it nice of Dan to ask?

«A little bit of country, a little bit of...ahhhm...different, cool stuff.» -Boulder Weekly

«This folk-rapper sticks it to you in his friendly manner, but which is never too friendly. Humorous social criticism permeates his songs and they're refreshing verbal attacks through his own confessions and narcissism.» -Gabriel Levit,
el Lokal