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drowning in the golden sihl of intoxication and insanity
Saturday, 26.01.2013, 20:20
oh what a night...
Maximilian Hecker (DE)
He's a star in Asia. Double take: He's God in Asia and his debut album «Infinite Love Songs» lifted itself onto the NY Times 10-best list. It happened in large part because this incurable romantic and practitioner of melancholia, who in one of those of life's seemingly hopeless and soul wrenching downslides bounced into the prostitute Nana in Tokyo, and the rest is history, arigato.
Or literature if you've ever read Nana by Emile Zola. Or there might be a musical precedent if you recall Deep Purple's «Mad Woman From Tokyo». Thus entirely refreshed and even reborn through the universal power of love and oriental sex, we hope, he grew himself some facial hair, went into deep stages of relaxation and penned the album «I'm Nothing But Emotion, No Human Being, No Son, Never Again Son» on his own label, Blue Soldier Records.
All this should make you curious about the inner life of this boy-from-next-door and here's an interview that might let some light in and open that door a crack for a better understanding: «I always have this grandiose and martyr-like vision of myself. He's the isolated one who doesn't leave the house anymore, wearing a long beard, his shirt splattered with yogurt, drinking 20 Red Bulls a day, by all measures autistic and possibly insane - that is until  he sits down at the piano whence he begins to sing like an angel. That's just the archetype to me of a grandiose, pubertarian, hyper-romantic vision of this kind of personality. A true romantic comes with yogurt splotches on his shirt, he doesn't just wear the artists' scarf and sashay about, no, a true romantic vibrates with his artistry and his only attempt at peace is through music... or art in general.» Amen, there you have it (notice the 3rd person?).
His newest and seventh album is «Mirage of Bliss», it contains 12 songs and was produced by Martin Glover aka YOUTH (The Verve, Embrace, Killing Joke, The Fireman w. Paul McCartney), immortalized within all of two weeks in the south of Spain. Simultaneously, his literary first «The Rise and Fall of Maximilian Hecker» became available and in its pages you're confronted and learn about the opposing energies of wanting love and intimacy, of vanting to be alone (cheers, Greta), or just getting the hell out. It's great schizophrenia, familiar to some of us, but it's also great Brit Pop, musically covering the whole range from Radiohead and Coldplay guitars to Anthony & The Johnsons or Travis' edgy lunacy, plus loaded orchestrations. On the last day of recording, producer Glover danced to «The Whereabouts Of Love» like a madman all through the night. You might too, fueled by Heckler's yearning of «drowning in the golden sea of intoxication and insanity» («Mirage Of Bliss, part I & II»), and another seducer to that same purpose on the disc is «The Forsakeness of Raging Love». Mmmh.
There's plenty of room left on this planet for gifted eccentrics and definitely a soft spot for them by us. Follow this young artists' escapes and returns up-close and personal right onto our stage. And witness, or better, participate in the inmates running the asylum. For a change.     

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