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A Poet of Light
Tuesday, 22.01.2013, 20:20
oh what a night...
Mark Eitzel (USA)
«You make your own luck» some people dogmatically pronounce and we think it's a bunch of bull. Although we believe in luck's powerful energy, it's not up to you and us or anybody else to make or break it. If you happen to find yourself on the shitcan side of fickle Lady Fortune, keep the dream alive and don't forget to generously use your middle finger. And you'll be back.
That's precisely what Mark Eitzel did after a lousy streak in general and dealing with a heart attack in particular and the implosion of his seminal 90's band American Music Club. And now he's come back - and how. And he's been back in the studio as well, where he came up with «Don't Be A Stranger» and next to his own undiminished talent, he got help from his old friend, producer Sheldon Gomberg who previously did the job for Rickie Lee Jones, Ron Hexsmith and Ben Harper. And compared to Mark's earlier work, the result is more streamlined, direct and simple. It's masterful actually, and it's all backed up by an equally masterful band.
The FAZ describes Mark Eitzel as «a 'poet of light', who never got the breakthrough» - he deserved, we might add. Actually, not entirely: With American Music Club, he sold out Royal Festival Hall in London and our friend Berthold Seliger wrote about the event: «Eitzel fights like his brothers in arms, say Will Oldham or Mark Oliver Everett, against all the insanity and sorrow of this world. His characters drop pills for fun (hey - what else?), they hear the howling of ghosts, they are searching for times long gone and spit poison and bile. But then with a bolt of blinding light, the dark clouds disappear. The pockets of the heavens might be empty, the heart never is.»
Please note: There are as many opinions about our place as rocks in the Mississihl, what it is, what we should or shouldn't be doing, but when it comes to presenting some of the best singer/songwriters on the planet, we've been called out of this world.
And so, in the footsteps of Terry Lee Hale, Ben Weaver, Howe Gelb and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, it's now the turn for Mark Eitzel and band to live up to the hype and accolades - as well as the lingering presence of his predecessors on our stage. He's been by us before and he'll illuminate and powerfully transform our place again. Just like he transformed those masculine guys hanging at our bars' south bend into discovering their apparently very latent feminine side.
el Lokal