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Sunday, 13.01.2013, 20:20
oh what a night...
Daniel Kahn
& The Painted Bird
meet The Brothers Nazaroff (USA/DE)
Contemporary Klezmer with a heavy dose of electrifying punk is what's coming to our shtetl next with the furious Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird. Little does Jerszi Kolimoski know (or does he?) that his grotesque novel's being honored and immortalized by this wild bunch Die Zeit described as«an explosive mixture of Klezmer, radical yiddish songs, political cabaret and punk folk.»
The band's colorful big macher is Daniel Kahn himself, originally from the Detroit area. He's played music, acted, recorded, directed plays, studied poetry and composed theatre music in New Orleans, Detroit and New York.
The co-founder of this flock of funny birds, which also has been called «The Yiddish Pogues», is Michael Tuttle, a Michigan-born Berliner, bass player and composer, and even more color to this cockamamie band has at times been added, oy vey, by the contributions of Michael Winograd, NY Klezmer clarinet genius; Hampus Melin, listed as a junk thumper; Samuel Maquin, Parisian King of the clarinet; Dan Blacksberg, world-champion of the Klezmer trombone, Russian guitar demon Vanya Zhuk; the Yiddish chanteuse from Riga, Sasha Lurje; Bert Hildebrandt, German clarinet pioneer; revolutionary diva Adrienne Cooper and a guy you all might remember: none other than mighty Whisky Rabbi Geoff Berner!
This Yiddish Punk band has been inspired by highflying birds of their own like Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie and yes, Bertold Brecht and Kurt Weill. And their disc «Lost Causes»(2011) received the annual critics ward of said year from the Deutschen Schallplattenkritik. Their newest «Bad Old Songs» contrasts darkness and intimacy, there's an anti-romantic love piece «Love Lays Now»
and there are references to Schumann/Heines' «Die Alten Boesen Lieder». Quote: In the desolate borderlands between Berlin, Detroit, New York and Yiddish Land, these bad old songs are the midnight reveries of a lost time that is yet to come.  
Now, if all this name dropping and bio stuff makes all you goyems shvitz a bissel  with impatience or worse, if all that gibberish seems like bubkes (horseshit) to you, we're showing some chutzpah and we're gonna bother you a bit more with more words about this explosive, anarchistic kind of music that perhaps words shouldn't even venture to describe: It's poetically dark & light, radical & traditional, lyrical & political, east & west, folk & punk, tragic & humorous and extremely danceable. Ai, ai, ai - does that sound like life to you?
Meshuggener and meshuggeneh, we once again invite to get off your tushes and shlep over here to our island of 91 delights for an evening of incomparable Klezmer music and alz iz gut with you and us. And for 2013, we wish you a A GEZUNT DIR IN PUBIK! (Good health to your belly button!).      

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