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It's the devils music
Saturday, 01.12.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Hans Theessink & Terry Evans (NL/USA)
The Devil's voice seems sweet to hear, but don't complain about the heat. Re-introducing Hans & Terry, iconic dinosaurs of this thing called Delta Blues.
They're pure and  dirty as should be and musically aged as fine bourbon is aged and they forever branded our hearts time back with their 11-minute version of «Mississippi», a sentimental epitaph to the greats of this art, from Willie Dixon to Billie Holliday, while not forgetting anybody in between.
«It's the Devils music!» Terry's family once shouted and fisted to high heaven and despite of that, or because of it, he went on the - albeit imaginary - road with Willie, Albert King, Elmore James and Little Walter real early on - he, his soul and his voice. Terry Evans soon wrote songs for Pops Staples and Louis Jourdan and sat in with John Fogerty, Joan Armitrading, John Lee Hooker, Eric Clapton, Boz Scaggs, Maria Muldaur and Pops Staples. It was with Ry Cooder when he hit breakthrough time and in the movie «Crossroads» you hear him sing the title and contribute the piece «Down in Mississippi» to the track.
Up jumped the Devil and his congenial partner in the person of Hans Theessink, a nimble-fingered Dutchman who lives in Vienna and who got custody of Georg Danzers favorite guitar with the last wish «'you take good care of this baby». Anybody that's anybody in the know would support that that is exactly what Hans did in the best way he knew possible; fact is, Bo Diddley called him «one helluva guitar player». He's a worldwide acclaimed roots guitar god and even sleepy Vienna woke up for the blink of an eye to this giant in their midst and in 2001 tagged him with the predicament of «musical ambassador». (Other recipients in varied lines of work were Mischa Maisky, Uwe Seeler, Helmut Qualtinger, Thomas Gottschalk, Freddy Quinn, Pele, Konstantin Wecker and this year, some chick by the name of Joan Baez.) He's simply one of the busiest musicians and a dominating force in the genre of Blues'n'Roots and he plays it hot as hell, pure like an angel, sweet as love, with a guitar that's as nasty as the Devil. And he's way more fun than God.
Likewise Terry, some time ago, made the Delta sound a sound all his own. Alan Kaiser, house artist extraordinaire, attests that Hans told him that «Terry has nothing, but nothing in his head - other than his music.» And it's been rumored he doesn't let anything else enter there either - purism at its consequential best.
He did show a lucky hand though to make room and let Hans into his sphere. Together, they will grace us with an introduction to their newest album «Delta Time» (guesting on it is Ry Cooder). The work has contemporary arrangements, it magically rocks and fleetfingeredly rolls, it's just very beautiful and will leave you with a grin wider than that Delta river. Live, they'll goose bump your skin and turn on the heat for a devilish good time and make you believe you're God and the Devil all at once. And if it so happens you feel more like the latter on our Devils island, please remember the wise words of one Waits, Tom: «Don't you know there's no Devil, it's just God when he's drunk.»

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