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1000 Reasons to dive in Acapulco
Saturday, 22.12.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Acapulco Stage Divers (CH)
There are 1001 reasons for you to take the dive with them when they're taking theirs. And if they're doing it off the stage just be there for them for a soft landing.
Have ever seen those glistening brown bodies shooting through the air before they dive into the knuetschblue, bluer than blue Pacific?
Equally courageous and overjoyed, this fine Swiss band's finally taking the plunge onto our historic island stage. And that's right when their own 12-year history has been immortalized and collected into their first album «Ich bin Geschichte» and a year after they made their first splash with «Ahoi Nacht Ahoi Camaradas». Take the dive with them, you'll wind up rejuvenated and ready for anything life might toss your way. If this sounds a bit Zen to you, it is, they're refreshingly clear and simple like no other band from these shores, in fact the don't need to carry the water for anybody including better known groups from our Northern neighbor like Element of Crime or Kettcar.
Their pieces oscillate between loud guitars, handclapping, angel chorus-like chants, harp-like intensely passionate and violin-driven sound constructions. And the word is their words don't leave nothing to be desired, either.
The Diver's stage presence has been improving like they're diving up through the sky and it's revealing and refreshing to take the plunge with them and experience their work live and in progress. It's art happening right in front of your eyes and ears and responsible for it are
Thomas Hoffmann (vocals, guitar),
Stefano Pedrazzi (guitar, vocals, mandolin, synthesizer),
Ben Ebizuka (guitar, banjo, mandolin),
Oliver Mueller (bass, vocals, keyboard),
Mario Kummer (drums, bells).
They've been traveling the world and are truly on their way to writing their own history. In the astonishing video «1000 Gruende»
( the proclaim: «We're heroes in a small world. We're people nobody knows...we're discovering the new for each other. Everything's of value, and more so to us.»
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