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Deceptively simple and uniquely intimate...
Monday, 19.09.2011, 20Uhr20
oh what a night...
Isbells (BE)
«Tell all your friends this Belgian band is unbelievable! So good they are hard to discribe ...»
After 15 years of performing in different groups like Emocore-Combo Soon and Bluesrock Ellroy (as well as toiling at Ikea for 6 years...), it occurred to Geatan Vandewoude that there just might be enough material accumulated to create a very personal project with very personal songs. Mais oui.
Subsequently, the young dad went into seclusion in an old barn and began to write and record, often in the still of the night or the wee hours of the morning. Which is why you can also detect the sound of a car driving by on a disc that, for the most part, enlightens with frugal, complex and thoughtful songs. A debut that, while lacking in any kind of bitterness, introduces you and impresses with songs full of everyday observations, sentiments of painful loss and nagging doubts.
The group supporting him in bringing this work to you consists of Naima Joris (backup vocals, keyboard, percussion, bass) and Gianni Marzo (backup vocals, accoustic guitar, mandoline, Hawaii guitar and everything else he can think of plucking). Together, they're creating a personal, multilayered sound; perhaps reminiscent of the melodic qualities of the 70's folk tradition, Bon Iver, Iron and Wine, Simon & Garfunkel and even the immortal Nick Drake.
Some wiseguy once said, he'd rather be ignorant than nostalgic. But that's not what's happening here: you'll get to hear songs that are deceptively simple and constrained, but also uniquely intimate - while personal and timeless in their emotions. Supported by equally restrained musicianship which you'll be able to hear in songs like «Time's Ticking» or «I'm coming home».
So, come on over and cross the waters of the Sihl when even they will be quiet. Ahhhh, and when it's time to shed some liquid of your own, you'll see the «Manneken Pis» where the mademoiselles go and the «Fischer syner Frau» where the monsieurs go leaking - whose name was Ilsebill ! Coincidence? No way. It's not that simple.
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