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Album release
Saturday, 03.11.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Schöftland (CH)
What's in a name? And to throw you another James Dickey curve ball or a Ronaldo sidewinder if you prefer, what's the significance of a name in today's music biz?
Like, have you noticed the names of the hugely popular K-pop groups (that's K as in Korean), like: SHINee, f(x), EXO, TVXQ!, PSY... huh? you got it, nothing new, it's still all about creating a name easy to be memorized - just more so today.
Schoeftland are our next guests storming in from foggy land on to our foggy island(we're not talking about a state of mind here, no we're not). They could fit the bill also for eccentricity in coming up with a memorable name for themselves. Their moniker might even sound a bit like originating somewhere from the elk-infested Great North. But nope, if you're not from these here parts, you see they call themselves after a sleepy, picturesque small town somewhere out there in CH, situated in the Canton of Aargau - where they are actually not  from.
We now know that you'll never forget their name and want to make sure you'll never forget their brand of music either. It'll surprise and shock you like thunder and lightning out of the clear blue on a pleasant sunny day. It's music of a blunt and unrefined beauty with its frugal harmonica, fat baritone sax, dragging bass and powerful, crashing waves of high delirium guitar, driven forward by slashing and thunderous percussion.
You've now been seriously flagged about this perhaps greatest little known SwissGerman rock formation, which has modeled itself in style after what's been called the Hamburg School. Which in a fair return made them crowd favorites with our neighbors to the North (hey, why you're waving that Euro flag in front of our face?), when they hitched themselves on to the bandwagon of the Citynightline Tour. They also performed with Gysbert Zu Knyphausen and on their 2007 debut album they had guests like Heidi Happy, Pedro Lenz and Greis make their contributions.
In 2010 Schoeftland set themselves new standards with their first and seminal album «Der Schein truegt» (Things are not as they seem) which gave us the single «Kleinstadt» (Small Town). That year they performed 40 concerts and it turned out to be their busiest ever. In addition, band-member Floh von Grueningen added his solo talents to a 10-day tour across Germany on a bill with the Berlin songwriter Moritz Kraemer. Next, they'll burn themselves deeper into the memory of their fans with the polit hit single (which will be handed out as a freebee during the next National Council elections) «Die jungen Alten: Die Jugend will viel bewegen und die Alten nur behalten» (The young elders: Youth wants to  be on the move forward but age wants to keep all where it is and to themselves). Precisely.
Never mind, add your own take on defiance and just show up - old, young and in-between - for this inaugural occasion. Don't give them the shaft - push and help Schoeftland move the seemingly unmoveable. Seemingly.
el Lokal