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Lasst die Puppen tanzen
Saturday, 04.05.2013, 21:21
oh what a night...
Tanz Puppe Tanz
Sheriff Perkins
Joy and the Damage (FR)
Our rock'n'punk triple header from Paris kicks off in kick-ass fashion
Fasten your dancing shoes. Our rock'n'punk triple header kicks off in kick-ass fashion with Joy and The Damage, a power trio that will get your extremities moving but pay attention also to their brainy lyrics - if you can still keep your sense enough to accomplish that.

Next up, there's a new sherrif coming to town, name's Perkins and he's riding in from Clichy and the burbs of Paris. He's a one-axe-band and has been happily chopping away at high-minded musical tastes since 2005. One thing's for sure: He'll leave you hanging higher.

Rounding up this groovin' gallic soiree is Tanz Puppe Tanz directly invited on to our isle from Isle de France, Paris, France. (If you're stumbling over their Kraut name, think Weimar Republik and glorious Berlin of the 20's, maybe). And it's straight-up dance music they're offering, raucous and uplifting and hooking into you and pulling at you with hot dancing tunes coming off a simple line-up of guitar, bass drums and fronted by a beautiful woman plus her voice (la geule de elle, mon dieu...!).
From an island in Paris to an island in Zurich for a hot and asskicking Samedi tres chaud  dancing long into a Dimanche plus chaud.
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