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Only a Jolly fly can do that
Sunday, 02.12.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Jolly & The Flytrap (CH)
Nothing's changed since Jolly & The Flytrap, this phenomenal fixture of the barren CH music scene, first played the Kino Engelberg in '89 and over 300 gigs later, nothing probably ever will. Wing it on over to our island, get a buzz on, dance your butt off and trap a fly in the drink called life.
After a cleansing session in the sauna and a dive into the cool lake water and warming up afterwards in front of the fireplace, they contemplated what needed to be contemplated:  What to do with 10 new songs, ready to be recorded. Would it make sense? Does anybody still buy music, no matter whether it's vinyl, tape or polycarbonated silvery alu plastic? Should they go along with the times and abandon music that you can still hold lovingly in your hands?
As it turned out, all questions were answered to everybody's satisfaction and then some. Their new album "Linger on Mazurka", their fourth, is out and available in pretty much all shapes and packaging mentioned and it's all your discriminating taste might desire. It's musical flypaper that'll stick to you, it'll swat at you, buzz your hearts and make you shtup your brains out. And if that's too much of a promise, there are also songs about fluttering across lago Lugano (remember, only a jolly fly can do that...), and songs that'll make you uncontrollably clap before they end about quaking ducks that made the news and the galling wind that connects Buenos Aires to Barcelona. (No, it's not a song about Messi).
It's all gloriously on record but better even, they'll be buzzing live at our world famous music trap.  
Actually, they go way back with us, back to the stories-drenched life and times of the El Internacional and if in all this time that flew by you haven't yet been buzzed yet, here's your chance to let it finally happen to you. There will be plucking of strings, pounding and hammering on all surfaces and the shouting and moaning of unique ditties supported by the incessant strumming of guitars.

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