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The Panda keeps rolling!
Saturday, 20.10.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
La Famiglia Rossi (CH)
Once again in the trunk they bring with them their hearty and incomparable minestrone of music by La Mamma and songs by Renato Carosone, Fred Buscaglione and Adriano Celentano, while adding their own compositions, all canzoni grandiosi, claro, to the menu.
A sabertooth bearing, growling tiger leaps at you in an image on their website and maybe it's meant to illustrate the tiger in the tank of their Fiat Panda, which for the last four years has been the touring mobile they've been using to crisscross most of Svizzera (including caroming in for a pit stop at our isola bella).

Time back they brought their southern rays of musical sunshine to the tough turf of those condemned to live in the always fogged-in suburbs of the urban centers of our nazione. Then in 2010, La Famiglia added new pipes to their cosa nostra with the birth of a bambini and used the welcome break to hone new material and try it out at home - poverini vicinos! - while changing diapers and flattening taglierini.

With their friend Pierre Omer, formerly of Dead Brothers, the band recorded a fine new CD that also features la grande Sorella and her powerful contrabasso voice, the cocky little macho Massimo on accordion, the shy wallflower Michele with his fantastic rock guitar, and hitting the drums is none other than Cugina Giulietta, la bellezza misteriosa from Napoli.

The Panda keeps rolling, it's loaded and here they come. And although we must accept that the sun goes down every evening in the Mediterranean, we can also assure it's rising again the next morning. As sure as you'll never forget the unsinkable melodies of La Famiglia Rossi. Adesso siamo qui a l'ultima isola bella, con passione italiana e twist'n'roll - siamo la famiglia Rossi!
el Lokal