Lunch served from October 19th to October 23rd
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Tapas variadas...
Soup of the day, home made
CHF 7.50
Platos del dia, hot or cold...
Daily price
CHF 14.50

Olives green & spicy or big, black & greek
CHF 8.00
Sun dried tomatoes marinated by us
CHF 8.00
Boquerones anchovies marinated in olive oil and lemon
CHF 9.00
Devilshorns, peperoncini filled with feta
CHF 9.00

Our HELLenic-specials learned from Antonios Papidas from Andros
Tzatziki just like on Andros island
CHF 8.00
Melitsanosaláta, the eggplantmousse of the Greek
CHF 8.00
Fáva, purée of yellow beans
CHF 8.00
Tyrossaláta, a mousse made with feta and herbs
CHF 8.00
Lokal-Medzedes-plate, with fava, dolmades, tzatziki, melitsanosalata and tyrossalata
CHF 21.50

Ceviche Peruano
CHF 12.50
Steak tatare made with Appenzeller Single Malt and served with lemon-garlic-toast
CHF 21.50
Falafel and Baba Ganoush and oven baked vegetables (vegan)
Samosa & Chutney made by Mena and Senthi (vegan)
CHF 12.50
Spätzlitopf, the typical swiss spätzli, with croutons, scalloped with cheese and sweet appleslices on top
CHF 17.50
Whiskysausage out of the Appenzell, accompagned by a shot of whisky,  served with the lokal spätzli.
Or only the whiskysausage with bread.
CHF 24.50/9.50
Boar-Ragout, with spätzli and oven baked vegetables
CHF 29.50
Fish-Bonda with chutney, Bonda you can find in Jaffna (Tamil-Country) at any streetcorner. Our Mena and Senthi make them out of mackerel, potato and many secret spices.
(Fish: MSC / wild catch)
CHF 15.00
Lokal mixed tapas

CHF 24.50

Chocolate cake lokal-lombardish, with whipped cream
CHF 9.50
Brännti Creme, like at aunties home
CHF 8.50
Every Tuesday evening the famous Sri Lanka Kurries by Mena and Senthi
Price varies
Every Wednesday evening
Moules et frites, like at the Quai des pêcheurs à Ostende
CHF 28.50
Crispy-Fish from lake zurich with black-cristal-beer-dough and sauce tartare completed with french fries
CHF 28.50
el Lokal