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New Mexican Dance
Saturday, 07.07.2012, 21:21
oh what a night...
Mariachi Dos Mundos (MEX/DE)
Ah si! It's The Magnificent 8 or Twenty first Century Schizoid Mexmusic Men once again as we're tempted to call them, what with their dual, mixed up mexmixed BerlinMex cultural background.
No matter, because it's their musica gloriosa you and us are most certainly want to get in touch with and it's that tight swinging latin combo music, steeled and bonded through innumerable tours and gigs since 1996, finely aged but fiery like that famous agave juice, ah si!
They're heartfelt mission is to spread the word and the word is «New Mexican Dance». If this sounds somewhat modest and general to you, you just might have gotten fooled, gabachos - because it isn't. Like, they promise with all of their wretched souls, supple fingers and smooth, sirupy voices to cure you from what ails you, be it the pain of love, a pain in the ass or just a little existential angst. For their unique kind of boleros, they let their violins languish, their chorus of trumpets go muted and their song lyrics are no more than undecipherable, spanishsounding bits and fragments. And it's all there, expressed beautifully, the oh so triste alma latina, for you to hear and understand and savor and cry over. Why does happiness have to be so full of pain but hurt so good? A shot or two of mescal might get you closer to an answer, if you can handle it - or the truth.
Otherwise, por favor, don't let any schizoid thoughts be your mantra for this night. In fact, we must caution you to hold on to your sombreros and the tail of your horse, buena gente because  things will heat up when things speed up and then it's jubilant and rousing chili pepper music time. Blowing you away and lifting you into a sun drenched, rocky and rough and violent world. Sam Peckinpah's Westerns will come to mind on this noche magnifica y un poco bruta on our Isla de Feliz. We'll permit you to lose your head like Alfredo Garcia once did, queridos amigos y amigas.
el Lokal