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Wednesday, 30.05.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Jeffrey Lewis
& the Junkyard (USA)
...a style oscillating between thoughtful Alternative Folk, noisy Garage Rock and abstract Soundscapes.
The New York born and bred Jeffrey Lewis leads a double life like Jekyll and
Hyde, somewhat funkier though: He's a comics artist, a raconteur of tragic- comic stories on one side of his brain and on the other, he's a Garage/Blues/ Folk/Rock/Singer/Songwriter. He's also the author of an Obama bio and a blogger for the NY Times. No danger of classic New York schitzoism here: His band gets his undivided attention, in style oscillating between thoughtful Alternative Folk, noisy Garage Rock and abstract Soundscapes. He's toured and performed with Stephen Malkus & the Jicks, Devandra Banhart, Devo, Black Dice,Thurston Moore, The Fall, The Vaselines, Beth Orton, Frank Black, The Fiery Furnaces, Daniel Johnston, Scout Niblett, The Mountain Goats, The Moldy Peaches, Cornershop, The Cribs, Dr. Dog, Kimya Dawson, Adam Green, Akron/Family, Roky Erickson, Au Revoir Simone a.o. Draw your own conclusion - the creme de la creme.

Since Jeffrey signed with Rough Trade, six all great albums were the result of that fruitful John Hancock. The most recent and most tender is "A Turn In The Dream-Songs" (2011). On it, he's got the support from Frantic 'Wave Pictures Rozycki' on mandoline and Johnny Flynn's band The Sussex Wit with his longstanding drummer David Beauchamp, as well as from members of Dr. Dog, The Vaselines, Au Revoir Simone, Misty's Big Adventure, Schervon! And please note: This work was recorded analog at a Manchester, UK sound studio (where Pro-Tools is nothing but a dirty word), creating a seminal work of pure, soulful joy. Jeffrey Lewis will be one of the greatest find in your favorite musical junk yard on the planet, located right there on the Missisihl. But not too distant from the Hudson.
el Lokal