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Don't be afraid of the Boogiemen
Thursday, 01.09.2011, 20Uhr20
oh what a night...
The Blue Grass Boogiemen (NL)
«This is a highly entertaining band that comfortably handles a range of music with flair, taste and energy. Readers would be well advised to catch this band when they come through town. It should be a great show' and also 'Gosh, this is what the music world's been missing, isn't it?»
– Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine
.......go way back, even jamming with the likes of Bill Monroe. Right, that's him, the Bill Monroe, father of the bluegrass and father of them all; a member not only of the Country Music Hall of Fame but also the Nashville Songwriters and Rock n'Roll Hall of Fame. A very rare triple whammy; imagine if you will, three heavyweight title belts all around the same belly, all at once. Something, isn't it?
Had to be a great honor - not to mention great memories - for our two flying dutchman (names) to have made the aquaintance of such illustrous company.
Then they themselves, in 1990 and in concert with (names) took off and formed the Hillbilly Boogiemen (in honor of the Delmore Brothers' tune «Hillbilly Boogie», you guessed it). With 6 U.S. tours and even more European gigs under their belt, as well as numerous artistic awards, they also had the opportunities to perform and further hone their craft with the likes of Osborne Brothers, Jim and Jesse, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, Dillards.
Changin their name like a Panhandle rattler would its skin, the new and ever improving «Hillbilly Boogiemen» were born. Their new cd «Who's afraid of the Boogieman» (not you, we hope) presents extremely faithful renditions in musicianship, as well as in spirit, to the likes of Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Stanley Brothers, Jim & Jesse, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs
In the bands own words: «Needless to say, it was a great challenge to produce this album. To interpret the classics and do justice to their originality was a matter of nothing more than all-out respect, for starters. A respect further heightened by our own dedication to the music we absolutely love. You hear us play, you hear, and you know what we're saying.
All in all, the creation of this album was a true labor of love.»
What's left for you to experience come Sept. 1, is incredible virtuosity and extremely faithful renditions of many of these immortal classics by (names) with the inclusion of two of Arnold Lasseur's compositions.
Now, introducing the Hillbilly Boogiemen! For all you shitkickers out there to enjoy, so see ya, heeee-haw!
Oh, by the way, did you know that bluegrass actually is a weed? Well, it dont matter - you can't smoke either.
el Lokal