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you're in for an ear wrenching, rollicking rockin' good night
Monday, 23.04.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Chuck Prophet
& The Mission Express (USA)
Here, fact meets fiction, it's often cross and humorous, in parts heartbreaking - and rocking, rocking!
«It's déjà vue all over again», Yogi Berra, the legendary former outfielder for the New York Yankees, famously said.
He could have talked about our man, Chuck Prophet. You probably know, Chuck's a longtime friend of ours and he and his music have been stopping by our premises almost as often as the Appenzeller beer truck, but still not often enough. Well, he's back, all over again. But what's he been up to since we last had the pleasure of meeting up with him?
On his second most recent album, accompanied by his legendary, searing Squier Telecaster and featuring his forever sharp poets tongue, he rips apart the cliche of the American Dream that went to sleep; moth eaten and exposed as just another lie. Ridiculing what allowed the tripling of an, at best, questionable war effort just after Obama received the Nobel peace price. (At least, no ambitious politician jackass's ever going to 'borrow' one of Chuck's songs for his or her campaigning).
An earthquake of magnitude 6.4, corrupt cops, electrical and other black outs, «bird flus»- all are themes and provide fodder for his politically incorrect stories.
Adverse circumstances, even of a knock-down quality, do not derail him. He's got himself a sound studio, dating back to 1957, which allows our old alchemist to continue to convert their crap into his gold.
At one time, him and his band were inadvertently locked into that studio and used this forced seclusion to lay down the formidable Waylon Jennings tribute «Dreaming Waylon's Dream». At another time and place, less than ideal production circumstances down in Mexico City sped up the creation of the album «!Let Freedom Ring!» in a straight blast of 8 days. At least this time, the band wasn't locked in, or locked up, we trust. On it, he belittles and slaps down the much hailed and played American adage «my way», a classic brainfart if there ever was, exposing it for the howler it is.
«A political album for non-political people» is how the Prophet describes his work. Good. He won't lack for an audience.
For his studio album no 12 «Temple Beautiful», he returned to his beloved hometown of Frisco. It's a declaration of love to his city, full of passion and idealism - 100% pure Chuck. He fell to the ground there some 30 years ago and was wholly taken by the creativity, vitality and ever changing face of this gorgeous place. A fertile hotspot there at one time was Temple Beautiful, since closed, but its rich legacy and the memories of it helped create the album's 12 tracks, masterfully laid down with help from Mission Express plus the input of local guests like Roy A. Loney of the legendary Flamin' Grooves. Here, fact meets fiction, it's often cross and humorous, in parts heartbreaking - and rocking, rocking! It's a fiery, intense ode to the love for a city, rivaled possibly only by Lou Reed's «New York».
(Alas, we don't have anything like it about our ZH to listen to, at least not yet.) Anyway, the best prophecy about the future is the past. If you can dig that and your memory holds up (or, if you're a first-timer, please just buy our word), you know you're in for an ear wrenching, rollicking rockin' good night.
All over again, we dare to prophetise.
el Lokal