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«One Man & His 30W Pram»
Monday, 13.02.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Lewis Floyd Henry (UK)
Meet Lewis Floyd Henry, world’s first & only One Man Wu-Tang Clan Cover Band.
«One Man & His 30W Pram»(baby carriage...) is the title of the soullifting and mindwrecking debut album by this UK bluesman, the quintessential  from-the-delta-to-the-island-from-the-street-musician.
Who, as a sincere and gutsy performer, chose the tough forum of the street, getting by with just harmonica, minidrums and e-guitar. And pretty impressive at that too: Not only fingering numerous pieces by The Stooges, Free, Jimi Hendrix (a bunch), Black Sabbath («Into The Void») to name a few, but also tracks by Ol' Dirty Bastard, founding member of the Clan. (ODB, who sadly signed out early during studio time in '04.)
It was that particular work that brought him to the ears of many fans and lifted him up to cult status, up from playing the London tube. You can YouTubeit yourself, there's lots to see and more to listen to.
His excellent version of the Wu-Tang track «Protect Ya Neck» isn't part of his debut, but we're sure and promise on Hendrix's grave that the piece will be coming at you when he's visiting our always bluesy island in the Mississihl.
Musically excellent and crazy like a loon, that's our guy with the three first or last names. Even hardcore Wu fans were astonished by his ability to musically paraphrase every member of the Clan, straight on. «I'd been into graffiti, the Wu-Tang, I'd done all the metal scene, Pantera, drum n'bass, 60's music, dub reggea, Nick Drake, and then my dad played me Robert Johnson, and I was just drawn to it, listening back in time. It's amazing music - for me, it's the root of it all.»
Having successfully navigated his own musical crossroads, he started to write and perform his own creations, songs that don't have to hold the candle to anybody. Largely 'unknown' he is, but not much longer, we predict. One thing's for sure: Our baby Lewis Floyd Henry, he with the Hendrix do and the friendly manner, will bring us all he's got and has taken with him from from the gritty streets of still swinging London.
May our rushing waters below carry him and his talent on to the seven seas and fame and fortune.
Because he's earned it the old fashioned way. And he's showing us that to do good in this world, it often takes no more than a heartbeat and a guitar.


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