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Saturday, 11.02.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
DC Family
& DJ Rock Gitano
«F R E A K S»! Did you you ever see this circus horror classic by the genius Tod Browning? The movie premiered in 1932, created a scandal and was banned in Britain for 30 years! Offending the knickers off of even the queen! But still packing them in at midnight screenings all across the globe!  Why, who could forget Zip and Pip, the microcephalics (pinheads)! Olga, the Bearded Lady! The intersexual JosephineJoseph! Schlitzie the Sex Maniac! Koo-Koo the Bird Girl! Prince Randia the Human Torso, who could roll a cigarette with only the help of his tongue! The beautiful but greedy and vicious Mercedes, who bedded Hans The Dwarf for his inheritance! («Can a full grown woman truly love a midget?» cried the movie poster!) Truly, she wouldn't! Revenge was served with thunder and bolts of lightening! She wound up horribly transformed into a quacking duck! (Let that be a lesson to all of you golddiggers!)
Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, in today's world of exotic circus and breathtaking sideshows, one name has been blasting off like the human cannonball: 
In-tro-du-cing  D C  F A M I L Y !
Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, don't be misled by their innocent name! They're one decadent, dynamite, demented, delicious, deranged and deipotent Divine Circus Family!
A group of musicians, acrobats, actors and dancers who'll make you laugh and cry and push exitement to yet unknown heights! A group that will  delight you in the best tradition of sick vaudevillean entertainment!
Ask yourself!  Wouldn't you rather watch a knivethrower than a dromedar on dramamine? A misterious androgyne rather than an apathetic ape? A fire eater rather than a geriatric elephant? A beautiful burlesque acrobat rather than a zzzzzing zebra? And rockin' rock to wrap around the show, rather than the cacaphonious circus calliope?
Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, once again you're in the right place at the right time! The sensational DC Family is coming to the island near you! To pop your eyes and make you cross your heart! To tantalise, offend and surprise you, to grossout and tease you!
All the wonders of a strange and exotic world dragged to our wordly premises! It's Ringling Brothers Barnum& Bailey on the Mississihl ! Ah, circus - culture of the working man! The elexir for battered souls! The only true escape from the dark corners of depression! Off yourself from pill juggling and pharma popping! Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, this way in to join the mighty DC Family! Put your stakes down and your tent up! Open your eyes, loosen your tongue and swallow up this potent cure-all medicine! Ladies and....
el Lokal