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Saturday, 10.03.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Inga Svensson (SWE)
You've got to pay respect to this wonderfully impulsive woman from Goteburg, Sweden. A country made famous by screwballs, meatballs, oddballs and other delightful eccentricities...
"Hej! I have a vision. I want Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea, to come back home to Sweden. And for that I have a slogan: INGVAR KOM HEM!
I will sing Swedish songs and Kate will play the piano and Juri prepared a short, beautiful film about Sweden."That's how our next guest on the island of all islands announced her recent appearance at the Solothurner Filmtage, January 1, 2012, at the Kino Uferbau (no less!) to her loyal fans. And added, "there will be a party afterwards!"

Now that part could well be holding the most interest for you, shallow party girls and boys, but hold on just for a sec: You've got to pay respect to this wonderfully impulsive woman from Goteburg, Sweden. A country made famous by screwballs, meatballs, oddballs and other delightful eccentricities, real and imagined, because, really, you see, all she has in mind is to convince her absent country man Kamprad to leave our shores (and possibly take his furniture with him?) and come home to his rightful fatherland of Sverige, for Wotan's sake!

No easy feat that is, even for a person as womanly persistent as our friend from Sweden. Considering, you know, the guy's loaded and has found the perfect and
sympathetic place to unwind and enjoy his wealth - right here. No hard feelings but come to think of it, maybe she should swedish charm and engage this
starchy gentleman by the name of Blocher in her passionate mission. He knows a thing or two about setting things up here, or there, for fun and profit. And who else has a bit more free time at his disposal these days?

No matter how this particular cookie will crumble and go down in history, so far our Inga, the diehard, flagwaving Swedish loyalist and battle-hardened Valkyre
that she is, has been using her considerable powers of feminine persuasion, as well as her memorable live performances (with Kate from New Zealand and
Juri The Filmmaker), to extend her invitation to Mr. Kamprad through her beautiful art.Meaning, every time she's performing, she's getting a little closer to her goal, she thinks and, of course, so do we. She's not ready to cut bait, no siree: That's why a free ticket is always waiting for him at any entrance door where she performs. That should lure and entice the designer furniture mogul zillionaire. But, alas, so far, to no avail - the guy has never shown. "Not yet", says Inga. "Never give up before it's too late" said Martin Kippenberger. As sad as all that may strike you, Inga remains undeterred in her mission, you guessed it. And so should you be in yours: To grace us with your presence and support Inga and her companions for this highminded evening. After all, you know where your home is. It's where you hang your hat. Or much better, where you pay your bar tab.

"I vant to be alone" another famous Swedish screwball, Greta Garbo famously murmured in the movie "Grand Hotel". Don't go for that. Because when you're with Inga and us, you von't be alone. Ve simply don't vant you to be.
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