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Monday, 05.03.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Mount Washington (NO)
A little frost alway persists; the songs are about sunken ships and mysterious paths in the forest, that nobody sets a foot on.
We honestly don't know what the criteria is to get mentioned on Wikipedia - and we truly don't care much either. It's been our policy all along to bring you bands of our own selection. From the great unknown, the lesserknown and sometimes the known. And some of them have gone on to much larger venues than ours, never to return to our stage.

Introducing Mount Washington, mentioned on Wikipedia: "Mount Washington, formerly just Washington, is a band from Norway, founded 1999 in Tromso; a
combo that distinguishes itself with elegiac popmusic (now don't go triste on us now...), incorporating musical elements derived from alternative rock, pop and folk; they have been compared to Coldplay and Muse." And there you have it in a norge nutshell.

Our Vikings currently live in Berlin and their mission statement reads in part: "From the americana-inspired debut "A New Order Rising" to the pleasing pop of "Astral Sky" and the challenging "Rouge/Noir", we've always looked to evolve. And have, even in name, from just "Washington". Perhaps adding a bit grandeur and a more reflective feeling to who we are today and our vision for the future, while honoring our past. From Washington, the city with the most well-read population in the U.S., informs the NZZ (u-huh?), to Mount Washington, the rugged, volcanic peak in the Pacific Northwest, it all best reflects who we are today. Greetings from Mount Washington!"

It's not reaching too high to compare "Rouge/Noir" with the two talky jewels "Spirit of Eden" and "The Laughing Stock". Rune Simonsen, Andreas Heyer and
Esko Pedersen are bringing us music from the arctic freeze, and none of it too cozy.A little frost alway persists; the songs are about sunken ships and mysterious paths in the forest, that nobody sets a foot on. The much heralded voice of Rune Simonsen is going to be your guide and will impress you its with melancholic depth and beauty.

Nevertheless, their new CD "Mount Washington" surprises with more optimism and a merry feel and is inspired by and incorporates the spirit of the new Berlin, as well as that of idyllic fishing villages, backed by grandiose nature scenery. Fittingly and naturally, the music evolved also: frugal, groove-oriented, more electronic. The urban influence is audible in the single "Lisboa", which starts out uptempo and playful with an airy guitar lick and leads up to the addition of heavy background choruses, that are never really taking over the high spirited entrance. Tension and resolution - all contrasting, bittersweet, like life itself.

With the help of producers Guy Sternberg (Feist, Junior Boys, Keane) and David Newfeld (Broken Social Scene, Superfurry Animals), Mount Washington created a piece of work which, while not denying the scars of the past, bursts with hope and energy for the future. Theirs, yours and ours.
el Lokal