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Por Usted, Queridos Muchachas y Muchachos
Saturday, 03.03.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Del Castillo (USA)
Their style is "Nuevo Americano" and it's their baby and with it's birth, Del Castillo from Austin Texas, created their own, unique musical genre.

In fact, it saw the light of day early in this here millenium and at it's core are they, the brothers Rick & Mark Castillo: At least eight strong hands and fourty
lightening-fast fingers, it seems. They'll pull you closer with an electrifying mix of Flamenco, Rock, Latin, Blues, World, all coming at you from of the power of positive thinking (or was it drinking?) Either way, you'll like it, claro que si.

And even if there weren't any notes, just the power of their lyrics will knock
you, queridos muchachas y muchachos, flat like a tortilla. (On the other hand,
their song "Cafe Sin Leche", garnered the 2009 Hollywood Media and Musics'
"Best Instrumental" award). Between their first CD "Brothers of the Castle" in 2009 and their latest, "Infinitas Rapsodias", freshly burnt this ano, the two found and received an astonishing number of impressive recognitions: Rolling Stone called them "tumbling brilliance on nylon-string classical guitars with eruptions of
technique and taste that conjure up images of Eddie Van Halen, fronting early
Santana (with an assist from the Gipsy Kings)." Got all that, gabachos?
Their friendship with filmmaker Roberto Rodriguez isn't a secret any longer, as
are their contributions to the sound tracks of flicks like Spy Kids 3D, Once
Upon a Time in Mexico, Sin City, Grindhouse and Machete, inclusive live gigs
at the respective premieres. Actually, it was Rodriguez who dragged them
into the studio for their wondrous new version of the Mexican Classic
"Malaguena Selerosa". That piece impressed San Quentin Tarrantino to the
point where he re-did the sound track for "Kill Bill Vol. II" - he just had to have
that song as part of his masterpiece.

Over time, Del Castillo worked with artists as diverse as Styx, Los Lonely Boys,
B.B.King, Buddy Guy, Bela Fleck, Ozomatli, Don Henley, Los Lobos and Willie
Nelson. He's another good buddie of theirs, Willie, and with him, they recorded his
favourite version of "I Never Cared For You." But we at The Last Island left care very much for you, chulitas y chulitos, and we want you with us for the opening of their "Infinitas" Tour 2012. And we predict a seismographic record for the city of ZH on the scale of, let's say, 8-10 for this mala noche, once the brother's get explodin' and get you movin' with "Infinitas Rapsodias" (which on the CD features zet Be guitarist Monte Montgomery, singers Malford Milligan and Leann Atherton, violinists and gipsy fiddlers Erik Hokkanen and Phoebe Hunt, as well as the German opera and musical star, Anna Maria Kaufmann).

So com'on over, buena gentes, cross the bridges connecting us to the main-
land and enjoy the electrifying Del Castillo. Brothers - and mothers of invention.

el Lokal