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«desillusioned claptrap from the the province»
Monday, 06.02.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Zöll(n)ers Band (CH)
Introducing a great band from Appenzell. What? If this doublette sounds a little like a contradiction in terms, let us first shed some light on the origin and roots of this truly entertaining bunch of musicians.
Appenzell is a canton in the eastern part of this great country, georgously nestled in the bright green pre-alpine foothills. It's rumoured that the inhabitants of this particularly beautiful patch are partially descendants from gipsies who gave up their gipsyism - well, they surely knew where to hang up their hats and kettles.

An wily bunch they are, these independent Appenzellers. They even divided the canton in two parts, called Inner- and Ausser-Rhoden. We guess, they didn't want to be accused of group-think; sadly so common among those
from the lower regions. Alas, and to a many's chagrin, they were real late to grant women the right to vote....but wait! If you ever visited those parts, you'd notice many perfectly rounded hills with just one tree topping them,
an ancient tribute to fertility and womanhood. Can you visualise that, you tittynipple maniacs?

So, from the bosom of the Swiss Alps, we proudly present to you the very merry Zoll(n)er's band. (And that's not just because of our great and loyal sponsors, Appenzeller Bier.) They are: Sender (voice), Xaver (guitar), Orgi (keyboard, who once tried his hand at a church organ and abandoned that higher calling, much to the congregations relief). N. Steffen on drums and percussion completes this spectacular unit.

Their sound is a modern and pleasing happy-pop, always presented with irony and a hefty dose of parody. A tasty sonic gumbo it is, telling stories of authentic wisdom only a well-travelled life can provide, sung in what's been
called a «hybrid dialect». The mother of a band member (who wants to remain anonymous), called the music «desillusioned claptrap from the the province», whereas a learned brain fucker from the lower regions honored them with «agglomerated mishmash by desperate generation-x youths». True, they have not been that active since 2007. But this is now changing in a big way: please welcome them and their «partially grotesque sound collages» and  the «Show der Gefuehle», that began last year and that is now  reaching our venerable location.

Appenzeller Bier has been our sponsor for a very long time. And their fine product is a fixture in our bar ever since we became a fixture in the international music scene.

We recommend you raise a bottle of their fine brew to your bosom (or in between, depending on how you're built) in honor of Ausser Rhoden, and in honor of Inner Rhoden, that's easy: merrily down the pipe it flows.
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