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a dose of goose bumps
Monday, 16.04.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Dark Dark Dark (USA)
They're coming in from Minneapolis via Brooklyn and when you'll be listening to and experiencing the Chamber-Folk-Sextett Dark Dark Dark on our magical stage in the flesh and blood, you will inevitably be drawn into and lose yourself in the vortex of their deeply emotional, dark and magical musical universe.
Their lighter side is presenting us a view of their nude and juicy backsides (ok, we can live with that), looking at us from the cover of their current «Wild Go». The unplugged sounds on the ticket are an amalgam of inspired and energetic New Orleans Jazz, Balkan melodies, Americana, Minimalism, Cabaret, Folk and Pop. 'Grey's Anatomy' junkies with good memory might even remember their song «Daydreaming» from season 7.
They lent their musical talent to the project «Swimming Cities of a Switchback Sea», created by the street artist Swoon, which featured his sculptures floating up and down the Hudson and East River on a barge. Stateside, you see, an unknown entity they're decidedly not, if you are looking at their recent extensive touring schedule, crisscrossing the U.S.
When they're stopping by us on their musical magical mystery tour, you are going to thirst for more of Nona Marie Invie's smokey, seductive lounge voice; full of sensual longing and mysterious magic. And the highlight piece «Bright Bright Bright» will give you a dose of goose bumps right where you'll feel it most - deeper than the skin, on your soul.
It all started in 2006 with a collaboration between Nona Marie Invie and Marshall LaCount. More members of the band gradually joined up, which eventually led to the mentioned album «Wild Go», recorded in a studio, a church and an old theater in Minneapolis, live.
It was produced by Tom Herberts (Jayhawks, Low, Soul Asylum), and became another stepping stone in the development of this fascinating group.
Clearly, they make it their mission to take and guide you into their various and varied magical musical landscapes, only to make you lose yourself in them.
A bit of the reality of climbing the long, steep path to fame:
«We've been touring for sooo long now - and it's been great» says Nona Marie (the name's killing us!), «but I have this internal conflict between having a nomadic lifestyle and needing a home.»
Forgive us, but please just keep up that conflict, baby, if only for our sake. How else could we lost and culturally starved land-lockers this side of the pond ever get to see, get to know and listen to a band that's so full of Magic Magic Magic?
el Lokal