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Monday, 05.12.2011, 19:19
oh what a night...
Chapuisat - a Story
Stephane Chapuisat, born June 28, 1969, footballer 1997 Champions league winner with Borussia Dortmund, (3:1 versus Juventus Turin)

This insightful book doesn't just tell about the dribblings, moves or scores of Stephane Chapuisat, perhaps the best Swiss player ever. Rather, it tells the story of a boy, a huge talent, with an even bigger future as an accomplished  football star. A 'Mensch', who, despite his successes, always remained reserved and even shy, yet accessible.
A kid who, in those pivotal periods in life, was lucky enough to be surrounded by the right people. Notably, Pierrette, his maman but also Pierre-Albert, known as 'Gabet', his father. (He of the extra-terrestial kind - but always, always a father. A superb footballer in his own right, but temperamental and somewhat uncontrollable, a true Romand. Still, maybe the best example and influence a young kid could have of how football should be played - artistically!  
The book talks about his coaches, Blaise, Umberto, Ottmar, who helped open the doors to stardom. It tells about his buddies, his teammates and roommmates. They all recall what drew them to him, what fascinated them about him, what made them want to be his friend. And it's them who recall many of those magical, emotional moments on the pitch.
Written by a writer who clearly loves the subject, this book is an account of and a reflection about the big heart of this great Swiss player, nicknamed Chappie.
And through many anecdotal stories, it's a document about his unbridled passion for the beautiful game and what ultimately made him tick.

Philippe Dubath is the author of the cult book «Zidane and I; Letters of a Football
Player to his Wife», now in its 2nd edition.
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