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they might just be the best live band in America...
Monday, 16.01.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Slim Cessna's Auto Club (USA)
This great band has risen like a giant stone formation out from other great rock bands like Wovenhand, Delta 72 and 16 Horsepower. Hailing from Denver, Colorado The Mile High (there you have it) City smack in the middle of the Rockies.
Were they an auto club they'd be calling themselves Hell on Wheels and as you'll hear, the hell part wouldn't be far off, not with their fiery, raw, unbridled, radical and burning sound. They impressed the ex-Dead Kennedy's Jello Biafra enough to declare that «SCAC is the last band left to play last in that bar on the last day of this world» or something genius like that. Hey, he might be on to something; not too far off, for 12/12/12 is upon us.
We'll have to get them back here in time for that event, don't you think?
Main thing now is that they'll invade our walls of innocent prayer sulphur-spewing and bucketsweating and that they do it now. And when greased with 10-W40 or perhaps some other, less automotive, wonder elexir, they'll be out to show us why they might just be the «best live band in America» according to SPIN and No Depression magazines.
Yes, compliments like that have been hitting as often as fat snowflakes on a car windshield.
Slim Cessna himself, the guy's as edgy as ever, hard to pin down, many-faceted and contradictory, just like the country he's from.
«Unentitled» is their lucky 7th disc, but entitled they are to your individed and let's hope, numerous attention.
You'll hear two magicmanic singers, spreading their out-of-this-world gospel: Slim (The Denver Gentlemen, 16 Horsepower) and Jay Munly (16 Horsepower).
They get right to the heart of the matter, the proof of the pudding, the whatswhatofwhat. A little morbid Indie Rock, Goth-a-billy, A cappella, Cajun, Freak Folk, Southern Gospel, melancholic Americana, Gothic-Alternative-Indierock and a heavy dose of down an' dirty Pigpunkrock. And from the message side in come words - all executed with a hefty dose of irony — on violence, love, hope, booze, beliefs, obsession and retribution.
That and they will make your head spin like the prop's of a pre-world war Cessna.
Says Slim: «It'd be wrong to put us into this or that category. What we are
is American Folk Music. In the truest sense of the word: We tell stories.»
There you have it folks. Dry and straight.
And pardners, you'll have a tale to tell of your own to friends, neighbors and especially your enemies should you decide to leave your caves come hell and high water and motor over to our always friendly and folksy island in the lowdown Mississihl for a night of Rocky Mountain High.

«For years, the Auto Club has been considered the best live band in Denver. Hell, they might be the best band in America as well!»


«Twice the power and energy of those Nick Cave shows.»

«If I had to be stuck in a bar, forever with only one band playing nightly, it would definitely be Slim Cessna's Auto Club.»
el Lokal