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Do Good!
Saturday, 03.12.2011, 20:20
oh what a night...
Light of Day
Nadja Zela, Israel Nash Gripka, Rob Dye, James Maddock, Willie Nile & Joe D’Urso
As always, this benefit is taking place right after Thanksgiving and before Santa
Claus. Great music - just to hear it feels good, and in turn, seems to help create a better world all by itself.  
But what's more, it definitely helps people with Parkinson's disease, as well as their loved ones.
Once again, The Light of Day-Benefit Concert is asking for your contribution, which will be going towards the financing of research, the developement of new therapies and treatments and support for the sick and their families.
Quite a show of superb music it was the last time and will be this time too; turning The Last Island Left into an Island of Hope.
So then, on to this year's show and fundraiser, the 12th so far, taking place on just that island. Together with Vereinigung Parkinsons Schweiz ( and Light of Day Europe 2011, here's what it all will bring and mean to you:
We got the local heroine Fifty Foot Mama frontlady Nadja Zela, the singer/ songwriters Joe D'Urso, Willie Nile, Israel Nash Gripka, Rob Dye, James Maddock, all gracing our worldrenowned stage. And don't be surprised by surprise guests...

Nadja Zela (The Roundabouts, Rosebud, Fingerpoke, Sportsguitar, Fifty Foot Mama) belts her delta blues - rolling, downlow, inspired stuff: Intensely personal songs with fine but frugal musical back-up. Tagi: «Es ist ein Blues, bei dem man nicht an Schnäuze und Bierwampen denkt. Sondern Bessie Smith. Ja, so direkt, so mitleidlos und gelegentlich auch belustigt wie die Blueskönigin der 20er-Jahre sticht auch Nadja Zela in Herzen und Rücken.» A real hot mama who serves real home cooking.

Living in Brooklyn now, Israel Nash Gripka is originally from the Ozark Mountains. His debut, «New York Town» in 2009 had even been praised by some as album of the year. It fluctuates creatively with impressions about the wide open country and the hot and narrow asphalt djungle. In a style veering between Richard Thompson (storytelling) and Ryan Adams (songwriting). Now he's opened up to us with his 2nd, «Barn Doors & Concrete Floors», produced by Sonic Youth's Steve Shelly, and it's as clear as Ozark moonshine: What we have hear is a giant in the making.

Rob Dye’s from the garden state, New Jersey. His debut «Day to Here» is a fantastic journey in 10 songs, touching the diverse and illustrous roots of American music. Digging his toes right into that fertile soil, he also rounded up an impressive group of studio musicians, helping him with the planting. Cats who did or do the same for B.B.King, John Scofield, Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, Monster Magnet, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake. «I wanted.................» It's all about love, fate, drinking and the open road. Presented in an easy, traditional, emotional manner. To him, what's next isn't further away than the horizon.

The name's James Maddock. The former leader of the highly praised Band Wood is a a gifted songwriter/perfomer and, in fact, his «Sunrise on Avenue C» received the NY Best Music Award, Best Americana Album. He got goin' again with «Wake Up And Dream», which firmly puts him in the pantheon of contemporary American music. Special and well produced and performed songs, at once merciless reflections and brightly colored fantasies and cliches. And when the decibles stay low is when he gets to us and our dormant romantic hearts.

Willie, you wanna be the next Bob Dylan, you sure? Only you know, Willie. Willie Nile, straight from city of  cities, NewYorkCity, brings songs to life like no other. The Who (who?) wanted him as their opener; his fans can be counted among Lou Reed, Jim Jarmusch, Little Steven and lovely Lucinda Williams. All 11 pieces on his new album «The Innocent Ones» represent earthy folk rock of the best and only his kind. And about their words, he shares: «It's an album........

Joe D’Urso (Should we call him The Bear?) and his band, Stone Caravan, clearly left influences like Wilco, The Allman Brothers and Bruce Springsteen in the dust
and that way, way behind. His latest is «Down Here By The River» and when he was here on his last raucous visit, we forgot to ask him this very simple question: Surely, Bear, didn't you just croon about our deepblue, beloved Mississihl?!

Be that as it may, all you big spenders. But com'on now, don't just mirror yourself in the water of  the queen of all running waters. Open your hearts to great music. And your wallets to a great cause.
A picture's worth a 1000 words: We don't know whether you saw Ali at Smokin' Joe Frazier's funeral but if so, you saw a guy marked by Parkinson's. But who once said «I had a good life before and I have a good life now».
We know, that's because he got help.
But it's just that he doesn't know it.

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