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in the perfect position just in between joy and darkness
Saturday, 25.02.2012, 20:20
oh what a night...
Loney Dear (SWE)
The Swedish songwriter and multinstrumentalist Emil Svanangen, alias Lony Dear (singer, lover, reader, not necessarely in this order), introduced us to his latest album, his sixth in fact, as recently as 11/4/2011 and called it "Hall Music."
11 new sensous songs reverberate on it, living off the contrast between conventional and created orchestral instrumentalisation and which he recorded with the help of unusual musical tools (Like churchbell-trumpet fanfares-analog keybord mixes).
A spectacularly alive, even intense piece of work, oscillating between blinding light and pitchblack darkness, exploring the connection that ties joy and sadness.
Hailing from the land of the midnight sun, (a contradiction if there ever was), Svanangen makes it sound easy, as easy as your walk on his wild side. He's creating a sonic perpeteum mobile and inventing an artificial force of nature. River deep and mountain high. Grand and poetic and intoxicating. Musical opium, stylistically sophisticated and manically expressive, he toys with apocalyptic emotions, toys with the highest of heights and the darkest crevices of the abyss.
Opposites attract and create tensions but here, they never conflict. It's luminous music at its highest level and Loney Dear revels in it and takes you along with him on this trip with sheer energy and technical virtuosity. With feet firmly planted on the ground he'll lift you higher and higher until you're blinded by the light, aching for darkness.
So, step out of your own shadow for the night, plant your own self at our island bar, decide for either a light or a dark and oscillate between the two until you can see the light. Or until it's light.
Or until you make sense of this: "An optimist may see a light in the dark where there's none, but why must a pessimist always run to blow it out?" (Descartes)

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