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The «Jimi Hendrix of the accoustic guitar»
Monday, 12.09.2011, 20Uhr20
oh what a night...
Paul Ubana Jones (NZ)
«Trying to describe just how good Paul Ubana Jones is, is like trying to define why the Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world.»
– Evening Post
Sorry to once more resort to a cliche, but at the proverbial crossroads where Blues, Folk, Pop, Jazz and African Roots Music meet, is also where you'll get to know and listen to Paul Ubana Jones. He's an exceptional guitarist and equally exceptional, expressive singer. Born in London to an English mother and a Nigerian father, and as an 11-year old boy, he picked up and studied the guitar, while further expanding his musical education to the incomparable cello.
Which eventually led to a hard-earned style uniquely his own, closely related to and derived from his cultural background. Then, living in Provence in the late 70's, he set out to tour Europe, followed by the U.S. and Canada. Having covered that territory, no small patch, he then moved himself and his family to New Zealand, adding another natural wonder to a land already famous for its own.
But he kept on touring and pounding the road for the last three decades.
Thus reflecting those experiences and others in his creations as you'll hear. He produced six albums which earned him the reputation as the «Jimi Hendrix of the accoustic guitar». Referring to our man's virtuosity and receiving enough accolades to beeing invited for opening gigs for Patti Smith and Bob Dylan and touring with Taj Mahal, Ben Harper, Keb Mo’, Tuck and Patti, Crowded House and Norah Jones.
Smooth, melodic social critisism at it's best - he'll make you listen carefully.
But let's all hope he also lets a Raga fly and, not neglecting the Hootchi Coochi Man in him, will also bless us with a belting of his unique rendition of one of the most interpreted songs of all time, «House of the Rising Sun». Offering us the opportunity to remember another all-time great.
We're not saying that Paul, in his quiet manner, would claim to be that famous. But it's established that over time, he's touched a huge number of listeners with his art. He'll once again bring and add magic and sensuality to our island - just like the smile of that girl there at the end of the bar there. What? You didn't see her?
el Lokal