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Between New York and Luzern
Monday, 12.12.2011, 20:20
oh what a night...
Sarah Bowman (USA)
CD-Release «Empty Houses»
Born, raised and cornfed in Iowa, now residing in New York and Lucerne (rumour
has it, it's Stans, but you'll have to try to verify that with her...), Sahara started
seducing the stages of this world at the tender age of 14. A 1000 concerts in 40 U.S. states and an additional dozen various countries later,  success was inevitable. Also including the times as the leader and songwriter of The Bowman's, for which she sistered up with her twin Claire.
With her most recent album «Empty Houses» (2010), she embarked once again
towards new musical horizons. Sarah began recording on the stage of the empty,
small, Bernese theater La Cappella where she played all the instruments herself:
Piano, cello, guitar and voice. And it all gave her a taste of what solitude can bring.
Then, and now in Amsterdam, she completed the job with the participation of Pim Kops (DJK, Avalanche Quartet): «I closed the door behind me and began to work. And because I was all by myself, I enjoyed the experience beeing in a studio for the first time in my life.»
Thank you Sarah, so now do all of us.
She once taught cello at a school in Port au Prince, and when that devastating
eartquake hit, it also left that ecole in ruins. The song "Salle Sainte Cecile"
remembers this loss, also because part of the lyrics came from letters sent to her
by Haitian friends. Proceeds of the cd's Special Edition went to the rebuilding of
that institution, mais oui.
She knows tough luck, tough love, tough times and lived to compose and sing
about it. Songs of hope, joie de vivre and trust in fate. «I've been travelling around for years and by now I have enough distance from the things that pain me that I can use my voice to try to connect to the goodness I've seen in people all over the world.»
Together with herself on voice and guitar, she'll bring us Oli Hartung (guitar),
Samuel Baur (drums, percussion) and Celine-Giulia Voser (cello). Sensual songs,
full of memories about life, love, Haiti and New York will gently flood our island.
In tune with the tranquil queen of the gurgling, rippling, murmuring waters below.
It's time to take a bow to Sarah Bowman.       


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