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«I will not bore you.»
Sunday, 27.11.2011, 20:20
oh what a night...
Ben Weaver (USA)
«Eventually the good songs started to come. Ones that felt real, had their own legs. They came like all good things do. When I ceased looking. Connected to my surroundings, my past, my life, for what it all was, without romanticizing what I thought it should or could be. I found a new perspective. Let the birds in my head fly free.» – Mirepoix & Smoke, Ben Weaver
Some say or needed to analyse that Ben Weaver, an American singer/ songwriter with an impressive voice, is a musical cousin of  Tom Waits, others pontificate that his songwriting is like Leonard Cohen's.
Mostly media-driven poppycock, we say. Simply put, Ben Weaver's voice is unique on it's own and if you asked Tom Waits, he'd agree. Ben is Ben is Ben, and that is where it ends.
And begins. Perhaps for the first time for you, but by no means the first time at El Lokal. He even once wrote some lyrics specifically for us about a leaf trundling down the waters of her majesty, the deepblue Sihl.
Would Leonard Cohen do that, we innocently ask? Sentimentality aside,our man writes albums like 2004's «Stories under Nails». «I'm bleeding my songs and without doing it that way, the world doesn't make any sense to me» he confesses. Then, after spending some time in Berlin and recording «The Ax and the Oak» in 2007, this cat apparently had used up some of its lives and began to doubt his world and his music. The result was the proverbial writer's block.
But you know, every time you hear about this particular affliction, you know that shit don't last and something promising is probably already in the frying pan. No exception here, out came his seventh without an itch, «Mirepox & Smoke»in 2010.
You get smoke, but what is Mirepox? For all the great cooks and discriminating gourmets showing up on Nov. 27, Ben will answer all your q's at the bar in hobby cook fashion.
For all others, it's a hodgepodge of sauteed kinds of vegetables like celery, carrots, parsley, leeks. And not to go entirely down that dreaded vegan road, stewed meat cubes and roasted bones are added. There you have it, dig right in.
The music fits the palate: Earthy, a little raw, direct and uncomplicated but traditional, intim, honest. Featuring accoustic guitar and banjo, piano flurries and supporting vocals by Erica Frohman (Once with the dream popper Anathello).
Once again, Ben worked with the producer Brian Deck (Califone, Modest Mouse, Iron and Wine) And with the support of Miss Froman, he's strongly coming out of the shell here, allowing deep vulnerabilities to rise and transform with sonic impressions like «City Girl», «The Rooster's Wife», and the bestial love sonnet «Grass Doe». «This record is about me, my story, who I am, and how it all keeps evolving.» Simply, but not simplistic Ben, you're our prodigal son and we
love you first and then your music. Music, as clear as the water in the Sihl, somewhat more so. And as tasty as, what was it again? Mirepox!
Holy cow, now we got it: Music You Can Eat! (Ben, you'll get the royalties).
el Lokal