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Island Fairy Tales
Saturday, 26.11.2011, 20:20
oh what a night...
+ Band (CH)
Once upon a time in America, there was a musician/songwriter from Frutigen, Switzerland, touring the place for months. Which is where somewhere, during a lucid minute, he had an epiphany and asked himself the intelligent, while fundamental q: "Why do I sing in english?"
Nobody knew the answer; however he abandoned previous anglosaxon successes like «Night Light» (2004) and «Anyways» (2005) in favour of better communication with his largely non-english audience. Brillant as that insight may have been, the resulting work, now entirely presented in bernese (it's a Swiss german dialect, not a sauce), was even more brilliant: Songs in that language and in a manner unheard of up to that point in time. «In fact, it's an intricate language and if properly used, lends itself to intricate creations that 'rock language' simply can't match», he says.

You'll believe him when you hear his stuff: «Fürne Königin» begins where all fairy tales end on our renowned stage.
In addition, these songs were crowned with the participation of violins and trumpets, not to mention a truly royal ensemble (Hendrix Ackle, Valeska Steiner, Adrian Weyermann, Shirly Grimes or Nadia Stoller) plus his rhytm section with Rob Aeberhard and Muso Stamm.

A lot of work went into his work, but he remains open to contra points-of-view: «You can hear and understand them differently, your own way, and I welcome that. Because they're not unmoveable doctrines, they're about how life feels or can feel if you choose to stop on the sidelines for just a moment in time, giving you back a sense of what life's really all about.»
Look, if your language is english only, you simply won't understand the words. But you'll enjoy yourself for sure anyway, because that's where his superb musicianship comes in. We predict, during your evening with dialectic linguist/songwriter/musician Trummer (still his name, always was), his crew and us at El Lokal, you just may have an epiphany of your own.
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