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Dance the electric Polka!
Sunday, 20.11.2011, 20:20
oh what a night...
Jolly & the Flytrap (CH)
Jingling, saxing, singing, drumming, strumming, jinking, clinking, crooning - all with a devil go-to-hell attitude.
Even H.G. Wells would have smiled at this kind of time travel: Jolly and the Flytrap go waaaay back with us. Meaning, they are really real old friends. Imagine, if you will, the early days of El Internacional and again the beginning of the now at El Lokal, when both these periods were graced repeatedly by their inimitable stage presence.  
But it was in 1986 when their  musical journey began, when they were simply playing a fresh from the get-go type of music: jingling, saxing, singing, drumming, strumming, jinking, clinking, crooning - all with a devil go-to-hell attitude.
Well, the devil got back at them a tiny bit: Only 17 lost souls showed up in a godforsaken place called Unteraegeri... (We swear on Woodie Guthrie's grave there'll be a few more happy fans waiting for them, come November 20.) But be that as it may, unfortunately a long lost recording of that memorable event remains unfortunately long lost.
Today, they're a musically and visually hot troupe, soldered tight by a quarter century of tirelessa touring and performing. My, my, my, how time goes by when you're having fun! But quite impressive actually, if you consider the somewhat dry and barren musical landscape we call home.
Did we so far neglect to use the word 'eccentric'? Here then the intro copy for their memorable hit "Electric Polka": The sad octopus found himself curled up not in the garden in the shade but on a plate, more greyish than pink, squishy, silent, in repose. Joined only by the company of green and solitary olives. Suddenly interrupting this idyllic setting was thunder lightening blitzing the nearby church tower which then caused the roof to collapse, floods to sweep in. And all this mayhem magically ignited the phlegmatic octopus back to life. Our cephalopod began wildly to hurl the olives with its arms while dancing, you guessed it, the Electric Polka. (Truly electrifying - but what are these people taking in for
breakfast? Can't just be octopus?)
Of course, the whole razzmatazz lent itself to a wacky video: Rafael Sommerhalder directed an animated clip and added pirates, firespewing volcanos and clapping crayfish to the dance. A truly creative endeavour that went around the world in less than 80 days.
And now they're here again, with us again, on our crayfish island again and for the night and solely for your listening pleasure again. So clatter and rattle on over and allow yourself to be hugged by the arms of this musical octopus: squishy but engulfing - and very warm.
el Lokal