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Last Of The Country Gentlemen
Sunday, 13.11.2011, 20:20
oh what a night...
Josh T. Pearson (USA)
Pearson belongs to that dying breed of ever moving, often bread- less artists.
Initially, that is 10 years ago, the Texan singer/songwriter Josh T. Pearson had found critical acclaim with his band Experience to Lift (and not just from luminairies like John Peel). A band that expressed and distinguished itself with psychedelically inflected windswept sand dune desert rock.
As we speak, he's presenting us with his solo debut «Last of the Country Gentlemen» a melodic, melancholic, full of near tears heartbrakers. He says he laid down the tracks in just two nights when he recorded this epic in Berlin.
Perhaps this way reflecting upon a rough two years in a Texas county where he had to resort to scrubbing toilets just to make ends meet. Somehow, from there and because of it perhaps, he resorted to grand vocals and the generous use of heavy, weeping strings. Making even an armadillo cry, conjuring up images of a loaded stillness full of tropical fauna, dozing alligators seemingly wanting to be tickled, a canoe slowly paddling along rows and rows of heavyrooted mangrove trees. And here and there, tinkling piano chords and hypnotic guitar licks further accentuate all eight tracks, some of them as long as 13 minutes! Yes, «Last of the Country Gentlemen» is a trip. But although it's themes are predominantly melancholic, it never falls prey to sentimentalism and there's pure magic in it's unity and carefully woven, light sound structures.
«Just sit down and really listen to it, you might find it worth your while» says its creator dryly.
In fact, Pearson belongs to that dying breed of ever moving, often bread- less artists. Fullblooded musicians to be sure, but without much ambition to crack the top 500. Currently, he's pitching his tent in Paris and rarely gives a hoot for public acclaim. But ironically almost and perhaps despite of himself, he can count the likes of Mogwat, Interpol, Dirty Three, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Band of Horses, Midlake, My Bloody Valentine among his pretty illustrous flock of fans.
You'll be a fan yourself for sure. As sure as the rain that falls in Texas, sometimes, for sure.
So, come and ease yourself across the deep blue rio Grande Sihl and dream. But, please, don't tickle the alligators.

«A truly magnificent record.» – DROWNED IN SOUND – 10/10

 «His solo debut is worth every second of the wait.» – Q ★★★★

«America's lost genius returns.» – MOJO ★★★★

«It's a beautiful piece of writing set to music, flawless in its way...
a modern classic.»
– THE TIMES ★★★★★

«stone cold masterpiece…» – UNCUT ★★★★★ Album of the Month

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